Writing out loud to rekindle inner voice

To provide just some brief context, so you are not saying “whoa, back up, where the hell did this all come from?”, I’ll outline a brief timeline of events. I was working in the medical device industry as a Sales and Marketing Director for a healthcare company. My partner got a job in Shanghai and we decided to move from Melbourne (the most glorious city in the world #unashamedlybiased) and create a life for 3 years in this very foreign and sometimes hostile environment. (I’m sure subsequent posts will touch upon the whole bag of crazy that is the Chinese culture and my submersion in it. Many stories.  Many many stories.) Being infected with the spark/disease of entrepreneurship, I decided to use the expat opportunity to launch an eCommerce store selling gorgeous pet products called Furbabeez, with a view to expand into retail and grow an empire. Through overcoming many obstacles, none more so challenging than the Great Firewall of China which slows internet speed to a virtual crawl until you figure out how to work around it, I’ve set up the site and continue to work on building an audience and increasing sales. Fun.

Until I hit a wall with the blogging and copy writing.

A really hard, large wall, that oozes with procrastination and judgement.

I hate that wall.

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