Sasha Fichera : Awareness & Ambiguity

“Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss”

– Douglas Adams

Awareness & Ambiguity is a blog I created to support the headstrong women in business and entrepreneurship. It is for the women who love to “Lean In” and relish the opportunity to lead. It is for those women who feel their greatest asset is their strong will, but know it is also their greatest weakness and has gotten them into trouble more than once.

I want to support the women who are sick of being called bossy, bitchy or not team players, simply because they want to be leaders. The women who know that a man would have been praised for the same behaviours that they are criticised for.

Changing entrenched attitudes won’t happen overnight, so let’s start working on creating the next generation of gender stereotypes for women in business.

My name is Sasha Fichera and I am a proud Australian from Melbourne, currently doing a stint living in Shanghai. I live with my husband, two cats (one fat grey, one fluffy black) and a Schipperke (which is a kind of energetic medium sized pure black dog).

I have worked in corporations big and small and I’m currently pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams.

More Info

  • Was taught the fundamentals by some good eggs at the gorgeous St Rita’s College
  • Graduated mostly unscathed from the University of Queensland, with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry.
  • My second and infinitely more epic degree was a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University of Technology.
  • I’m currently lurking around Swinburne again to complete a PhD
  • I opened a restaurant when I was 23 years old. If you are thinking about doing that… don’t… but do.
  • I’ve sold and marketed a lot of medical devices. Doing so earned me good money and more importantly some great life lessons and friends.
  • My life is currently eCommerce. I want pet people to see Furbabeez, smile lots and buy things for their small furry animals.
  • My friends and I share our love of food and drink as Team Drink. We officially became recognised as a serious drinking conglomerate by the greek office cleaning lady who classified us as Sponges.

Contact details

If you would like to reach out and say hi, I’m on email at fichera.sm@gmail.com or on the socials at:

Facebook   @sashafichera

Instagram @sasha_fichera

Twitter @sasha_fichera